Welcome everyone!

My name is Aleksandra Stańczak. My biggest passion are dogs.

In Shetland Sheepdog I fell in love in 2007 and since then I regularly deepen my knowledge about that wonderful breed. In May 2008 came to my home, long awaited, dreamt - RENNY Ventora, which fulfilled my all expectations. In May 2011 first litter in my kennel was born.

I am trying to develop in various domains of cynology.
Also, I enjoy spending my spare time with dogs.

On that space I want to thank Patrycja Mazur and Mrs. Wioletta Piątek for putting their trust to me and valuable advice and guidance, my parents, who had accepted my passion, allowed it develop and also, all my kynological friends for spending nice time and for that, I could learn a lot from you :)

I want to breed healthy dogs, which will have great characters,
many successes in the dog shows and in kynological sports.

Will I succeed? I do not know.

We will see...